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Registered Charity 1063998

Evelyn’s Home

Evelyn’s Home was built in 2001 and named after the joint founder of the charity Evelyn Partington. Evelyn sadly died in 2004, but not before having the joy of seeing this new facility established. Children were taken into the home from difficult circumstances, some who were orphaned, others who had lost a parent and the remaining family members were unable to care for them; all in great need with many families suffering bereavement as a result of the AIDS crisis.

The children sleep 4 to a room in bunk beds and are very happy together.

All the children are sponsored from the UK. The cost of sponsoring a child in the home is £25 per month, which includes their food, clothing, education and the provision of a housemother to care of them.

If you would like to support Just Care by sponsoring a child in the home, the forms can be downloaded here.


The playground at

Evelyn’s Home.

Listen to the children sing.

Plaxceda, the housemother.